DisruptSpace in Bremen

From April 06 to 08, 2016 a new conference took place for the first time in Bremen, Germany and mundialis was lucky to attend because the event was extraordinary and just great!

Dubbed ‚DisruptSpace‘ (https://disruptspace.io/) the event was dedicated to business and options centered around space, i. e. the rest of the solar system and beyond that is not Earth. There were a number of challenges designed to disrupt the way business has been done in the past and come up with new ideas to solve problems on Earth.

To achieve this, teams were put together on the evening before the actual conference. To get everybody involved an initial challenge was set up to build something out of marshmallows, spaghetti, paper, tape and whatever one could find on the table. The result were very creative as can be seen in the picture. The real challenges the next day revolved around solving world hunger while another one aspired to bring Internet to everywhere in the world and yet another looked for new business models in space.

With participants from all over the world the crowd of around 200 people were from a diversity of backgrounds and extremely good fun to talk to, because they all had very interesting ideas ranging from the production of luxury jewelery in space, high resolution space imagery from tiny and cheap satellites to mining asteroids in deep space. The atmosphere was one of opportunity and a number of keynote speakers pointed out that mankind is on the cusp of a second space age. Being at this very special conference there was no doubt about that.

After 2 very intense days of hard work toiling on the challenges until deep into the night we came home with an number of great contacts and even more ideas of what we can do and where we can invest ourselves into leveraging the opportunities from space. You can be sure to meet us in Bremen next year.