German National Forum for Remote Sensing and Copernicus 2015

From the 3rd to the 5th of November the national forum for remote sensing and Copernicus 2015 took place in Berlin. The slogan of the event was „Using Copernicus successfully“ – a goal that we want to achieve at mundialis as well.

We saw where Sentinel data from the european Copernicus programme is already used in several ways and which products can be obtained from the raw data, which consists of remote sensing data and on site measurements. And there is already a lot, especially when considering, that at the moment there is only one out of nearly twenty Sentinel satallites in productive use.

There are many potential users, who want to receive added value out of the data, which is provided as open data. This leads us to the relevant question, how user and data can come together to make an efficient use of this data successful at all.

As an answer a lot of exciting projects and ideas were presented. The following impressed us the most:

  • „The future is in the cloud“
  • „The applications need to be brought to the data“
  • „Development of an open marketplace for products and data“
  • „Reasonable recording of Metadata for INSPIRE and GDI-DE“

Our insight – that there is a huge potential in Sentinel data – got fully confirmed. As well as our vision, that a reasonable and broad usability of the data is only possible by according provision in a web client. In that way the geoinformation industry can surely build a bridge to conventional remote sensing.