mundialis auf der Big Data from Space (BiDS’19) Konferenz

Am Dienstag, den 19. Februar 2019, sind wir auf der Konferenz 2019 Big Data from Space (BiDS’19) – Turning Data into Insights vertreten. Die Konferenz findet in der Alten Kongresshalle in München statt. Die Konferenz wird gemeinsam von ESA, SatCen, JRC organisiert und vom DLR ausgerichtet.

Unser CEO Dr. Markus Neteler wird in Session 3 – Interactive processing and visualisation – unsere Basissoftware actinia mit dem Vortrag „Actinia: Cloud based Geoprocessing“ vorstellen (siehe Programm der Konferenz). Actinia ist eine Open-Source-REST-API für skalierbare, verteilte und leistungsstarke Verarbeitung von Geodaten, die hauptsächlich GRASS GIS für Rechenaufgaben verwendet.


Whether participatory urban planning, digital agriculture or near real-time monitoring of flooded plains – the demand for processing large quantities of Earth Observation (EO) and geodata is constantly increasing. In addition to the amount of data to be processed, the lack of compatibility between different data systems has often been an obstacle.
The cloud based geoprocessing platform actinia is able to ingest and analyse large volumes of data already present in the cloud. Through actinia’s REST API, following the paradigm of computing next to the data, users can now process and analyse EO- and geodata. Due to the scalability of cloud platforms, insights and tailor made information are delivered in near real-time. Furthermore, methods and algorithms can be easily integrated into own business processes.
Actinia provides an open source REST API for scalable, distributed, and high performance processing of geographical data that mainly uses GRASS GIS for computational tasks.

Keywords: Earth Observation applications, GIS, cloud based processing, geospatial analysis, open source

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