Dr. Markus Neteler

Co-Founder & Senior Consultant

Dr. Markus Neteler <neteler AT mundialis.de>
Fon: +49 (0)228 / 387 580 80


GIS analysis and development, Earth Observation/Remote Sensing, B2B Projects

Forschungsprojekte: H2020/openEO (A Common, Open Source Interface between Earth Observation Data Infrastructures and Front-End Applications), EDENext EU/FP7 (infectious diseases, focus on tick-borne and rodent-borne diseases), EuroWestNile EU/FP7, EDEN EU IP/FP6 (infectious diseases, focus on tick-borne and rodent-borne diseases), RISKTIGER (tiger mosquito), ACE-SAP (biodiversity), LExEM (infectious diseases), H2020/BESTMAP (agriculture), EU CEF/Geo-Harmonizer (geospatial), H2020/MOOD (infectious diseases)

Open source GIS development
GRASS GIS Project Steering Committee chair, OSGeo charter member, Former OSGeo Board member (2006-2011)

Researcher IDs
Web of Science, Scopus, Google Scholar, Research Gate, ORCID

Ausgewählte Veröffentlichungen


  • Abernathey, R., Neteler, M., Amici, A., Jacob, A., Cherlet, M. and Strobl, P. (2021): Opening new horizons: How to migrate the Copernicus Global Land Service to a Cloud environment, EUR 30554 EN, Publications Office of the European Union, Luxembourg, 2021, ISBN 978-92-76-28406-2 (online), doi:10.2760/668980 (online), JRC122454.
  • Neteler, M., Gebbert, S., Tawalika, C., Bettge, A., Benelcadi, H., Löw, F., Adams, T., Paulsen, H. (2019). Actinia: cloud based geoprocessing. In: Proc. of the 2019 conference on Big Data from Space (BiDS’2019) (pp. 41–44). EUR 29660 EN, Publications Office of the European Union 5, Luxembourg: P. Soille, S. Loekken, and S. Albani (Eds.) [DOI]
  • Schramm, M., Pebesma, E., Milenković, M., Foresta, L., Dries, J., Jacob, A., Wagner, W., Mohr, M., Neteler, M., Kadunc, M., Miksa, T., Kempeneers, P., Verbesselt, J., Gößwein, B., Navacchi, C., Lippens, S., Reiche, J. (2021): The openEO API–Harmonising the Use of Earth Observation Cloud Services Using Virtual Data Cube Functionalities. Remote Sens., 13, 1125. doi:10.3390/rs13061125

Health and disease vector related spatial modelling:

  • Neteler, M., Metz, M., Rocchini, D., Rizzoli, A., Flacio, E., Engeler, L., Guidi, V., Lüthy, P., Tonolla, M. (2013): Is Switzerland suitable for the invasion of Aedes albopictus? PLoS ONE 8(12): e82090. [DOI | PDF] (IF: 3.534)
  • Neteler, M., Metz, M. (2014): MODIS and vector-borne diseases. IEEE Earthzine, Vol 4. Special issue Earth Observation for Health (HTML)
  • Neteler, M., Roiz, D., Rocchini, D., Castellani, C. and Rizzoli, A. (2011): Terra and Aqua satellites track tiger mosquito invasion: modeling the potential distribution of Aedes albopictus in north-eastern Italy. International Journal of Health Geographics, 10:49 [ Abstract | DOI | PDF ] (IF: 2.62)
  • Andreo, V., Neteler, M., Rocchini, D., Provensal, C., Levis, S., Porcasi, X., Rizzoli, A., Lanfri, M., Scavuzzo, M., Pini, N., Enria, D., Polop, J. (2014): Estimating Hantavirus Risk in Southern Argentina: A GIS-Based Approach Combining Human Cases and Host Distribution. Viruses 6, 201-222. [DOI | PDF] (IF: 3.353)
  • Manica, M., Filipponi, F., D’Alessandro, A., Screti, A., Neteler, M., Rosà, R., Solimini, A., della Torre, A., Caputo, B (2016): Spatial and temporal hot spots of Aedes albopictus abundance inside and outside a south European metropolitan area. PLoS Negl Trop Dis 10(6): e0004758 [DOI | PDF] (IF: 4.446)
  • Fischer, D., Thomas, S.M., Neteler, M., Tjaden, N., Beierkuhnlein, C. (2014): Climatic suitability of Aedes albopictus in Europe referring to climate change projections: Comparison of mechanistic and correlative niche modelling approaches. Eurosurveillance, 19(6), pii=20696 [HTML | PDF] (IF: 5.722)
  • Marcantonio, M., Metz, M., Baldacchino, F., Arnoldi, D., Montarsi, F., Capelli, G., Carlin, S., Neteler, M., Rizzoli, A. (2016): First assessment of potential distribution and dispersal capacity of the emerging invasive mosquito Aedes koreicus in Northeast Italy. Parasites & Vectors 9, 9:63. (DOI | PDF) (IF: 3.43)
  • Roiz D., Neteler M., Castellani C., Arnoldi D., Rizzoli A. (2011). Climatic factors driving invasion of the tiger mosquito (Aedes albopictus) into new areas of Trentino, Northern Italy. PLoS ONE. 6(4): e14800. [DOI | PDF] (IF: 4.092) – press reactions and – featured in European Commission, Directorate-General for the Environment (DG ENV), Science for Environment Policy, Issue 252, “Predicting the spread of the tiger mosquito in Europe”
  • Rosà, R., Marini, G., Bolzoni, L., Neteler, M., Metz, M., Delucchi, L., Chadwick, E.A., Balbo, L., Mosca, A., Giacobini, M., Bertolotti, L., Rizzoli, A. (2014): Early warning of West Nile virus mosquito vector: climate and land use models successfully explain phenology and abundance of Culex pipiens mosquitoes in north-western Italy. Parasites & Vectors, 7:269 [DOI | PDF] (IF: 3.430)

Remote sensing:

  • Neteler, M. (2010): Estimating daily Land Surface Temperatures in mountainous environments by reconstructed MODIS LST data. Remote Sensing, 2(1), 333-351. (IF: 2.101) [DOI | Abstract | PDF]
  • Pareeth, S., Delucchi, L., Metz, M., Rocchini, D., Devasthale, A., Raspaud, M., Adrian, R., Salmaso, N., Neteler, M. (2016): New automated method to develop geometrically corrected time series of brightness temperatures from historical AVHRR LAC data Remote Sensing 8 (3): 169. (DOI | PDF) (IF: 3.180)
  • Marcantonio, M., Pareeth, S., Rocchini, D., Metz, M., Garzon-Lopez, C.X., Neteler, M. (2015): The integration of Artificial Night-Time Lights in landscape ecology: a remote sensing approach. Ecological Complexity, 22:109-120 [DOI] (IF: 1.931)
  • Metz M, Andreo V, Neteler M. (2017): A new fully gap-free time series of Land Surface Temperature from MODIS LST data. Remote Sensing, 9(12):1333. [DOI] (IF: 3.406)
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  • Nex, F., Delucchi, L., Gianelle, D., Neteler, M., Remondino, F., Dalponte, M. (2015): Land Cover Classification and Monitoring: the STEM Open Source Solution. European Journal of Remote Sensing. 48: 811–831. [DOI | PDF] (IF: 1.360)
  • Zorer, R., Rocchini, D., Metz, M., Delucchi, L., Zottele, F., Meggio, F., Neteler, M. (2013): Daily MODIS Land Surface Temperature Data for the Analysis of the Heat Requirements of Grapevine Varieties. IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing. 51:2128–2135. [DOI] (IF: 2.933)

Geographic Information Systems:

  • Neteler, M., Gebbert, S., Tawalika, C., Bettge, A., Benelcadi, H., Löw, F., Adams, T., Paulsen, H. (2019). Actinia: cloud based geoprocessing. In: Proc. of the 2019 conference on Big Data from Space (BiDS’2019) (pp. 41–44). EUR 29660 EN, Publications Office of the European Union 5, Luxembourg: P. Soille, S. Loekken, and S. Albani (Eds.) [DOI]
  • Neteler, M., Bowman, M.H., Landa, M. and Metz, M. (2012): GRASS GIS: a multi-purpose Open Source GIS. Environmental Modelling & Software, 31: 124-130 [DOI] (IF: 3.476). In the Top25 Jan-Mar 2012 & Oct-Dec 2012; also #1 in Top25 all year; Highlight article in Elsevier Environmental Science & Ecology Newsletter of 2012. In the most cited all times!
  • Neteler, M., Mitasova, H. (2008): Open Source GIS: A GRASS GIS Approach, Third edition. ed. Springer, New York. Over 1000 citations
  • Rocchini, D., Metz, M., Frigeri, A., Delucchi, L., Marcantonio, M., Neteler, M. (2012): Robust rectification of aerial photographs in an Open Source environment. Computers & Geosciences, 39 (2): 145-151 [DOI] (IF: 1.834) In Top25 CompGeo on ScienceDirect

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