GRASS GIS celebrates 40 years!

Yes, unbelievable but true:
GRASSGIS has been available as free software for 40 years and is therefore a pioneer in the field of open source GIS. Grassgis is also an OSGeo and FOSSGIS e.V. funded project!

On this occasion, from 02.06. – 06/06/23 a Grassgis Community- #Codesprint in the Czech Technical University in Prague. Hosted and organized by Martin Landa</ a>, with many participants from all over the world. For mundialis GmbH & Co. KG was among others Markus Neteler of the party.

And what was worked on? Of course, this is also freely available! Interested people please have a look here:

If you want to stay up to date, it is best to follow one of the GRASSGIS channels:



And here are some impressions!

Keep enjoying GRASS!!

All pictureCopyright by Caitlin Haedrich, GRASS GIS Community