Free Data With Free Software

At mundialis we work with free geodata and free software in the remote sensing environment.
In doing so, we generate spatial information while developing Free and Open Source software. Both form the core of customized GIS solutions, which we implement in a customer-oriented manner. We work in a scientifically sound manner with regional and international project partners. In addition to our content-related work, we see ourselves as an environmentally conscious and sustainable company that makes a positive contribution to society and the environment.

Is this art or can it be processed?

Our satellite images of the month offer a fascinating view of the earth every time.

What we can help with

Consulting / Concept & Architecture / Remote Sensing / Data Preparation & Research / Data Analysis / Analysis Ready Data / Software Development / Project Management & Agile Support / Operation & Maintenance / Individual Trainings

Successful work

Find out which projects we have already realized for our customers or together with our partners. Our experiences are as diverse as the world we work in.

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