Each product is customizable
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The world as art. Available at Art-from-Space.de

The earth is observed and recorded by countless satellites from every conceivable angle. The analysis of this remote sensing data leads to fantastic colors that have a special meaning for the specialists, but are also simply beautiful to look at. Art-from-Space uses satellite images to artistically design commercial and private interiors. In doing so, we go far beyond the well-known standard poster-quality illustrations with our range of products. Images up to 20 square meters in size are possible, which can be supplied as required, for example, laminated on aluminum composite panels, behind glass, as lightboxes, as high-quality fine art prints in gallery quality or individual wallpaper. This also allows entrance halls, hotel foyers, conference rooms and business premises to be spectacularly staged.

The art of Art-from-Space

The motifs themselves are also individually selectable and more than simple aerial photos. As a provider, Art-from-Space has a scientific background: we are actually working on new data services with automatically evaluated satellite data, for example to analyze the consequences of climate change. With this know-how, mundialis uses data from the European Space Agency ESA, whose satellites regularly scan the entire surface of the Earth in the spectral range even beyond visible light. This data can be used to determine vegetation, water content of soils, surface temperatures and much more. Depending on the purpose of the investigation, however, pictures of impressive aesthetics are created time and again, in which the colors and forms of the earth become harmonious and abstract paintings; dramatic pictorial compositions that fit perfectly into current trends and in which, despite all the pictorial technique, in the end nature alone has guided the brush.

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  • Motifs individually selectable
  • Free cutting and scaling
  • Free choice of color compositions
  • Spatial coverage local, regional and continental
  • Individual and artistic design of commercial and private interiors with satellite images
  • Up to 20 square meter prints on different materials
  • Possible applications: Entrance halls, hotel foyers, conference rooms, business premises.
  • Creation of aesthetic images as harmonic and abstract paintings
  • Nature plays the main role in the image composition, matching current trends
Each product is customizable
Julia Haas
+49 228 / 38 75 80 80