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Single tree detection

Automated detection of individual tree data with detailed parameters from aerial images with delivery as a data package.

Comprehensive database on the tree population

Landowners, urban planners, foresters and authorities concerned with road safety and climate protection all need accurate and up-to-date data on tree populations for a wide variety of purposes. Our data package “Individual tree detection” provides a comprehensive database on tree populations that can be used as a basis for tree registers and climate relief indicators, among other things.

Areas of application

Knowing individual tree locations is a key basis for planning green infrastructure, for climate protection and climate adaptation measures and for road safety. Both property owners and local authorities need accurate and up-to-date data on tree populations in order to fulfill their duty to ensure public safety.

Urban planning

  • Digital recording of individual tree populations and extensive tree populations as part of the creation and updating of tree registers
  • Design and maintenance of green infrastructure in urban areas
  • Improving the quality of the urban environment

Traffic safety obligation

Initial recording of individual trees for the planning of tree inspection measures as part of the duty to ensure traffic safety for

  • Municipalities and administrative bodies
  • Landowner


Climate protection and climate adaptation

  • Creation of climate protection indicators for climate analyses, e.g. for urban climate models
  • Inventory and planning of measures to improve the inner city climate

AI-supported data detection and analysis

We offer a solution for the automated recording of individual tree data with parameters such as trunk position, health status and distance to buildings. Our method uses machine learning, LiDAR point clouds and Sentinel-2 time series.

Do you need data on contiguous forest areas instead of individual trees? Our forest classification analysis service enables you to regularly record and evaluate the condition of the forest on the basis of current satellite data.

Scope and characteristics of the Data Package

Our Data Package “Single Tree Detection” provides a precise and reliable database on the basis of which effective planning and management of tree populations is possible.

The results can be provided in common geodata formats or as an OGC web service, which enables easy integration into existing systems.

  • Data up-to-dateness: current information on the condition and position of individual trees
  • Accuracy: precise recording and analysis of tree data
  • Efficiency: time and resource savings through automated processes
  • Safety: Detection of hazards from diseased or unstable trees

Support in your decision-making process

Our “single tree detection” data package gives you the security of being able to make your decisions on the basis of accurate and comprehensive data. This more efficient decision-making enables forward-looking planning and better management of green infrastructure.

Do you need a comprehensive database for tree populations on your land, in your municipality or in forest areas managed by you? Talk to us!

  • Exact tree trunk position (coordinates)
  • As a parameter to the digital tree object:
    • Tree height
    • Crown diameter and circumference
    • Crown volume
    • Distance to the nearest tree or building
    • Area under the tree
    • Area type under the tree
    • Deciduous & coniferous tree distinction (at tree group level).
  • Inventory for budget planning
  • Automated change detection over time
  • Time saving
  • Cost savings
  • Large area observations possible
  • Digital data delivery for easy integration
Each product is customizable
Markus Eichhorn
+49 228 / 38 75 80 85