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Surface temperatures

Recording of surface temperatures from space and delivery as a data package.

Surface temperature data is indispensable for a wide range of industries and specialist areas. Temperature controls many biological and ecological processes, such as transpiration, biomass accumulation and thus also agricultural yields. Land surface temperature data from space (LST data) can therefore support a wide range of applications.

Areas of application

  • In agriculture for precision farming and crop forecasting.
  • In viticulture for optimal site selection.
  • In forestry for observing the shifting of forest boundaries.
  • In healthcare as an input variable for pollen count forecasts.
  • In urban planning for the analysis and evaluation of urban heat islands.
  • In transportation for efficient temperature-dependent route planning.
  • In the wind energy sector for estimating the frequency of icing.

The surface temperature data is particularly valuable for professionals and decision-makers in these areas who need accurate and up-to-date information.

Scope and characteristics of the Data Package

The Land Surface Temperature (LST) data from mundialis solves the problems of insufficient accuracy and spatial coverage that occur with conventional meteorological stations in surface analysis. The high spatial resolution of our LST data is of particular importance, as although meteorological stations provide accurate temperature measurements, these only represent individual locations with their immediate area of influence. In addition, the distribution of meteorological stations is anything but optimal for most regions of the world. Our LST data offers an unprecedented combination of spatial (up to 250 m) and temporal (up to 4 times daily) resolution. This makes it possible to obtain accurate and comprehensive temperature data from almost any land area on earth, which is crucial for many of the applications mentioned above.

By using LST data, users can make more informed decisions based on accurate, up-to-date and comprehensive temperature data. This leads to improved results in the respective fields, such as optimized crop yields in agriculture, better site selection in viticulture, more effective urban planning and more efficient route planning in transportation.

You can access part of our temperature data archive and our scientific article here.

For a first impression, we have prepared the temperatures from 2016 in the LST client: https://lst.mundialis.de/

  • Analyses of surface temperatures at regional and global scales.
  • Identification of heat islands in urban areas
  • Applications in agricultural monitoring (biomass and crop modeling, crop growth forecasting, crop stress).
  • Calculation of growing degree days (GDD) & tropical days/nights
  • Spatially consistent data in regions with low density of weather stations


  • Surface temperatures with spatial resolution of 1 km and temporal resolution of 4 times daily
  • Spatial resolution up to 250m is also possible
  • Analysis of daily temperatures in their minimum, maximum or average
  • Creation of time series-based indicators such as seasonal parameters, long-term averages, etc.
  • Coverage of almost all land areas of the earth possible
Each product is customizable
Dr. Markus Neteler
+49 228 / 38 75 80 80