Review FOSSGIS 2021: Videos and presentations

This year’s FOSSGIS conference took place – theoretically in Rapperswil, Switzerland – from 06 to 09 June 2021. Unfortunately, it was not possible to be on site in Switzerland due to the pandemic, so the conference was held online. To say it in advance: This worked out excellently and was a very good experience. More than 600 participants enjoyed three parallel session tracks consisting of lectures, demo sessions and workshop. The company mundialis was actively involved with a demo session and lectures as well as an exhibitor. The usual professional exchange was held in the “network world” this year. In this virtual world, conference participants were able to meet the exhibitors and exchange ideas via video chat at the virtual stand.

The logo of the FOSSGIS conference 2021
The logo of the FOSSGIS conference 2021

A lot of praise goes to the organisers and technical implementers of this year’s conference!

To make the wait less long, you can find all the presentations given at the FOSSGIS Conference 2021 as a video recording here. (A big “thank you” to CCC)

From mundialis you can watch the following presentations and demo session (unfortunately only in German!):

A screenshot of a tweet regarding FOSSGIS 2021
…we join in the thanks to all those involved 👏👏👏

Next year, we look forward to welcoming you hopefully in March on site in Marburg at FOSSGIS 2022.