Analysis Ready Data (ARD) is processed satellite imagery that saves users from pre-processing. Pre-processing is a tedious task that is often underestimated by laymen. In particular, time series analysis of satellite imagery usually requires several steps. First, all relevant data is searched and downloaded, often from multiple providers, as there is no central index for all images. Then the data is tailored to the area to be analyzed. This is followed, if necessary, by pixel-precise coregistration to match the different images, which often have different resolutions.
This more geometric work is followed by an atmospheric correction of the optical data by converting the pixel values of the satellite image scenes from “above the atmosphere” to “on the ground” using, for example, an atmospheric model. Clouds, missing pixels and outliers are then filtered out to avoid misleading readings. Last, the data is subjected to radiometric correlation to standardize readings from different sensors. Only when these steps have been completed can the actual data analysis begin.

mundialis offers the service of carrying out these complex processes and providing the customer with analysis-ready data (ARD).