mundialis offers a wide range of analyses of earth observation data. With more than a decade of experience in spatial data analysis, we have in-depth knowledge in gap-filling and data aggregation of MODIS land surface temperature time series.
Once these data are processed, they allow us to conduct environmental modeling, particularly related to invasive species, such as the spread of the tiger mosquito.

Our expertise also extends to the processing of UAV images in the visible, infrared, and thermal spectrums. We evaluate aerial and satellite imagery from historical to modern multispectral data and have a special interest in time series processing of satellite data. This allows us to extract NDVI data, assess urban heat islands, identify land use and land cover using object-based image analysis (OBIA) and machine learning.

Our portfolio includes processing of a variety of data sources, from drones to various satellites such as Landsat, Sentinel, Airbus Pléiades and Worldview. This strategic use of spatial and Earth observation data leads to informed, cost-effective, and targeted decisions.