Update of actinia.mundialis.de to new API version 3

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Until now, API version 1 was installed at actinia.mundialis.de. This was evident from the URL, e.g. https://actinia.mundialis.de/api/v1/version. Due to some updates, the current API version is now v3. actinia.mundialis.de is now updated to include the latest developments. Officially, actinia is thus accessible at https://actinia.mundialis.de/api/v3/version.

In order not to break with existing user behavior / client implementations, requests to v1 will be forwarded to v3 from now on. Originally we had planned to install both versions side by side. However, since the version update also includes an update from GRASS GIS 7 to GRASS GIS 8, the TGIS data is no longer compatible and we would have to duplicate ~1TB of data that is now registered in actinia.mundialis.de. Since the reasons for major version updates in actinia are not severe, we decided against data duplication and for forwarding to the new version.

Most of actinia’s functionalities can be used as usual. The only API breaks are:

  • The endpoint `/locations/{location_name}/mapsets/{mapset_name}/raster_layers/{raster_name}` (see also #216) does not expect JSON in the HTTP POST body with instructions anymore, but a local GeoTIFF file that can be uploaded.
  • The endpoint `/locations/{location}/mapsets/{mapset}/vector_layers/{vectorlayer}` (see also #260) does not expect JSON in the HTTP POST body with instructions anymore, but a local GPKG, GeoJSON or zipped shapefile that can be uploaded.
  • In the response schema of the endpoint `/locations/{location_name}/mapsets/{mapset_name}/strds/{strds_name}` the temporarily used attribute `band_names` was renamed to `semantic_labels` to stay compatible with GRASS GIS. Since GRASS GIS 7.8 has been used in actinia.mundialis.de so far and thus the field could not be filled yet, this change should not be relevant for the use of actinia.mundialis.de.
  • The endpoints of actinia-module-plugins changed. Instead of `/grassmodules` and `/actiniamodules` they are now available at `/grass_modules` and `/actinia_modules`.

Complete changes can be viewed in the Changelog.

New functionalities in actinia v3 include integration of STAC, process chain template management, reuse of intermediate results in case of errors in processing and STRDS export.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!