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Surface sealing

Detection and evaluation of sealed surfaces from high-resolution aerial images for fiber optic planning or precipitation water calculation and delivery as a data package

Inner city sealing

Urban planning, environmental monitoring and assessment professionals need to fully understand the impact of sealed urban surfaces on the environment. To do this, they need detailed information on the extent of urban soil sealing and the distribution of different surface classes.

Our “Surface sealing” data package provides precisely this information. Based on a precise localization and quantification of sealed surfaces, the data contained therein serves as a basis for detailed analysis for both municipal and commercial purposes and is used by planning offices, environmental authorities, municipalities and environmental associations alike.

Areas of application (examples)

Urban planning and sustainable urban development

  • Assessment of the impact of sealed surfaces on the urban climate
  • Detection of the current situation in the context of internal development
  • Identification of potential for land recycling

Environmental monitoring and assessment

  • Detection of the ecological impact of construction projects
  • Analysis of the consequences of soil sealing for the water balance and biodiversity

Fiber optic planning


  • Data for the collection of precipitation water

Development of land consumption in Germany

  • Monitoring and evaluation by detection of land sealing at local, regional and supra-regional level

Analysis and evaluation of the environmental impact of soil sealing

With the help of our “Surface Sealing” data package, environmental problems caused by sealed soils can be identified at an early stage and thus also contained more effectively. These include problems such as

  • Increased surface runoff,
  • reduced groundwater recharge or
  • Influence of surface sealing on the microclimate, e.g. overheating.

AI-supported sealing processor

The sealing processor developed by us uses machine learning methods to analyze both digital orthophotos (DOPs) and satellite images and recognizes different surface classes. The processor is based on remote sensing methods and uses OpenStreetMap, ALKIS and Sentinel-2 data for automatic classification. The results are provided in common geodata formats or as an OGC web service.

The data package “Surface sealing” contains data for the localization and quantification of sealed, partially sealed and unsealed surfaces:

  • Paved traffic areas
  • Parking lots
  • Industrial areas
  • Airports
  • Building

as well as

  • Loosely laid paving or slabs
  • unbound soils
  • Water surfaces
  • agricultural land
  • Forest vegetation
  • Non-forest vegetation

Scope and characteristics of the Data Package

Our “Surface sealing” data package provides you with a detailed map of your urban area with a classification of all sealed and unsealed surfaces.

The results can be provided in common geodata formats or as an OGC web service, which enables easy integration into existing systems.

Data availability

In principle, the sealing processor can be applied to all areas in Germany. Already implemented are the processes for the federal states to provide the necessary geodata as Open Data. The extension to other federal states or areas outside Germany depends on the availability of input data.

Refined sealing classification

As a future extension, we are working on a “Street Surface Mapping” project that will refine the existing sealing classification. Within the group of sealed surfaces, we identify the material types of various traffic areas. Our surface classification distinguishes between asphalt, paved and concrete roads, paved paths and parking lots. This project is also based on deep learning techniques and the analysis of aerial images and infrared data.

Support for your decision-making

Our “Land sealing” data package supports well-founded decision-making in urban planning and environmental assessment.

The precise and comprehensive sealing data provides our customers with a solid basis for planning and environmental protection measures and enables complex environmental challenges to be tackled more efficiently.

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Detection of the following surface classes:

  • Sealed surfaces (roads and paths)
  • Building
  • Unbound soil
  • Water
  • Agriculturally used areas
  • Railroad tracks
  • Forest vegetation
  • Non-forest vegetation
  • Applicable nationwide
  • Open Data federal states already available
  • Machine learning methods for automated improvement
  • Elaborate postprocessing
  • Available in all common geodata formats
  • Deployment as OGC Web Services
Each product is customizable
Markus Eichhorn
+49 228 / 38 75 80 85