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Route planning for fiber optic expansion – FTTH

Automation of fiber optic route pre-planning and acceleration of FTTH rollout with mundialis

We offer you a software solution that automates planning and execution in a build-out area from aerial photo to final fiber route. Our expertise extends to a variety of services to make your planning seamless and efficient:

Geospatial services:

  • Consulting and procurement of geodata: Professional support for all your geodata requirements.
  • Cloud-based geodata processing: Use our actinia cloud solution for fast and reliable data processing.
  • Evaluation and provision of geodata derivatives: Access to valuable data sources such as OpenStreetMap, openNRW data and much more.

Planning process for fiber optic cable installation:

  • Optimal route search: Perfect your planning with detailed analyses of surface use, road, ALKIS data, etc.
  • Exclusion areas and distribution boxes: We offer targeted strategies for routes and distribution boxes, based on defined sets of rules.
  • Surface data from aerial photographs: Use our aerial image analyses for route optimization.
  • Distribution of power distribution boxes: strategic placement for maximum efficiency.
  • Visibility analyses: special consideration of requirements such as historic preservation requirements.

Your advantages with mundialis:

  • Higher efficiency: Reduce manual work and accelerate FTTH deployment through automation.
  • Cost savings: Minimize unnecessary expenses through route optimization.
  • Data support: Benefit from our geodata consulting and procurement.
  • Flexibility: Adapt your planning to different requirements with our software.
  • Visibility analyses: Guarantee optimal placement of network cabinets, even in complex scenarios.
Preliminary route planning based on aerial photographs


With mundialis software, you not only get an innovative tool, but also a partner who will bring your fiber optic network planning project to a successful conclusion. Our goal is to make the process as simple and efficient as possible.

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