FAIR – Weather data for all

The weather and the climate dominate all our lives 🌞 🌧 🌈 🌬 🌨


In particular, the extreme weather event that led to the severe flooding on the Ahr River has again shown society how strongly meteorological events can affect us.
All people are affected by climate change, extreme weather events, or the local weather of the day on their doorstep, and weather information is a fundamental commodity needed to make adequate decisions for action on a wide range of issues in politics, society, business, and the private sector.
Against this background, the FAIR project pursued the goal of improving the entire process of weather data generation, through data delivery, to user-specific utilization. Meteorological information is becoming massively important to better address weather- and climate-based risks to the economy and society and to take advantage of emerging opportunities. But freely available weather and climate data from the German Weather Service (DWD) are hardly used.


During the intensive project period, we were able to achieve the following goals, among others:

  • Preparation and provision of meteorological data for the economy
  • Establishment of the FAIR portal for the provision of weather data
  • Establishment of a metadata portal for weather data
  • Development of a statistically optimized wind data set for the energy industry
  • Weather-dependent range calculation of electric cars
  • Development of a weather API for integration into event apps
  • The MoWeSta app – the mobile weather station in your pocket

Metadata portal

Weather data provision

LST data

Funding by the Federal Ministry of Digital Affairs and Transport (BMVI)


Not only among small talk topics, weather and climate take a very central role. They influence us. In many sectors of the economy, they are at least important factors, if not the most important. Tourism, agriculture, logistics and mobility, the energy industry of the future and the construction industry – hardly any sector of the economy is independent of the weather. And both short-term events and long-term developments have profound effects.
Meteorological information is becoming massively more important in order to better counter risks to the economy and society influenced by weather and climate and to take advantage of emerging opportunities.