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actinia – Geoprocessing in the Cloud

How to process large amounts of geospatial data for your own purposes? actinia offers the solution here!

The cloud-based geoprocessing platform actinia is able to ingest and analyze large amounts of data already in the cloud. The scalability of the cloud platform delivers insights and tailored information in near real-time.

Processing EO and geodata with actinia

The new computing platform from mundialis processes large volumes of data quickly, reliably and in high quality. Thanks to our REST API, you can integrate data processing into your own business processes.

How does the whole thing work?

Users can obtain data from a huge data pool on demand or independently. This data pool is continuously fed by NASA, ESA, the EU and national institutions. actinia constantly accesses all updates of the satellite data of these organizations and currently queries about 30 data sets. Cloud-based parallelization enables fast computation.

Which areas can be supported?

The areas of application for the new computer platform are diverse, e.g. in the field of participatory urban planning. Remote sensing data is indispensable in helping to decide how to make a city more attractive. actinia provides data on building density, the proportion of urban parks and other relevant information – with just one query.

Another area of application is digital agriculture. Here, too, GIS real-time solutions save valuable time, costs and resources for optimal crop yield. With the help of recordings from a greater distance, soil degradation or drought can be detected in time and thus crop failures can be avoided. actinia also provides weather and climate data so that sowing, fertilization and harvesting can be optimally controlled.


Resources can be accessed via HTTP GET, PUT, POST and DELETE requests.
The backend is connected to the full Landsat and Sentinel-2 archives.

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