Welcome to the catalog of German space actors

Welcome to the catalog of German space actors!

This is now also the case for mundialis GmbH & Co KG!
We have been included as an actor in the newly compiled catalog of German space actors of the German Aerospace Center. We are listed there under the headings “Space-based applications” and “Earth observation”. This underlines our role in remote sensing earth and environmental observation and networking with all other German partners in this field.

Our entry can be found here.

By using and publishing open source software, we are part of an active and collaborative community in which everyone benefits from open and fair principles. This enables a low-threshold and long-term use as well as further development of our software. We mostly focus on the use of free geodata, such as the European Copernicus program or OpenData offerings, and develop innovative GIS and remote sensing methods, also using AI and machine learning.