KIBI: AI-based identification and classification of protected plant communities

We are pleased to announce our upcoming research project KIBI!Together with our partners Koblenz University of Applied Sciences and Forschungszentrum Jülich under the consortium leadership of CISS TDI GmbH, we will tackle the precise mapping of protected plant communities (GPG) using satellite and aerial survey data. We use machine learning to identify and classify GPGs […]

News on CO₂e compensation at mundialis for 2021 and 2022

Satellitenbild, das u.a. das Ahlenmoor, Niedersachsen abbildet

As part of our environmental management system and ISO 19001 certification, which we received at the end of 2023, we aim to minimize the environmental impact of our travel activities. The amount of CO₂e emitted due to company mobility is to be offset at the beginning of the year for the previous year As the […]


We are pleased to have been part of the 21st FOSSGIS conference from March 20-23, 2024 in Hamburg. The event will focus on free and open source software for geoinformation systems and on the topics of open data and OpenStreetMap. Exciting discussions took place at the joint stand with our colleagues from terrestris. We would […]

Welcome to the catalog of German space actors

Satellitenbild Mongolei

Welcome to the catalog of German space actors! This is now also the case for mundialis GmbH & Co KG!We have been included as an actor in the newly compiled catalog of German space actors of the German Aerospace Center. We are listed there under the headings “Space-based applications” and “Earth observation”. This underlines our […]